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& how it began
Founded in the Philippines in 2020, Pelagic began as a coral restoration & education nonprofit. Having worked with the Filipinas, the local government, local and private businesses it was soon undoubtedly the proven blueprint for successful projects with impact, cross – sectoral initiatives with conservation as the primary objective. Pelagic branched into a humanitarian effort as Hurricane Rai hit the region of the islands. After the category 5 hurricane echoed its destruction, Pelagic as/with Ubay Relief Drive operated as a successful disaster relief project. First handedly we saw and came to understand the value of a mangrove tree.
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To cultivate & nurture cascades in citizen consciousness & coastal integrity by developing continuous adaptive platforms of communication, information, discovery, exploration & science, thereby forging a synergetic integration of reawakened relationships between communities and conservation.
To develop a new effective blueprint for creating strategies and working connections between communities and coastal bodies to restore and conserve the coastal environment through impactful action & solution driven initiatives. Securing community driven, effectively managed coastal environment.
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