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Pelagic Wake Global

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Conservation should become permeable, it is a way of life, it calls for individuals with curiosity, courage, heart and purpose. It is a battle so easily detonated, yet there is no functional, rewarding entry point for the “every citizen” to not only gain experience but to live conservation consistently. Our educational platform, our active projects and work with the community has the potential to solidify the relationships and bridge effectively over imminent marine environmental issues. What happens on the shore, will take its toll on the reef. Projects can no longer only focus their restoration sites underwater as it is futile without researching and taking conservation efforts seriously on the shore itself and carry solutions and valuable tools into the communities and local governments. I believe we have reached a point of such decline and destruction that moving forward, we are left with only two options: Fierce actions and long term solutions.

We know the issues, we know the effects of these issues, we know the suffering in the ocean and on the coastlines – the only movement left is a revolution in effective integrated work.

Pelagic Wake Global is a movement, consistently providing individuals from demographics and class with a field to step onto and actively, in their daily lives, become a player. Taking part, creating a wave of contenders around the globe. Discovering life / a mission beyond the unknown, beyond what they thought possible, beyond their personal & community limits.

With every single member and with every single action we take we are consistently feeding a sphere of change into multiple demographics and ultimately integrating a healthy relationship between citizen and marine life.

This is it. Rise fierce.

Christien le Roux , August 2020

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