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A Global Vision

"Pelagic Wake Global is a conservation brand that inspires others to do things differently, to consume differently, think differently."
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A brand that believes it is possible to transition to an inclusive, sustainable and conservation aware world. Through our various marketing channels, we want to create awareness and inspiration beyond “climate change” and beyond “recycle” and provide transparency and show that marine conservation is not just for one demographic.

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This is where Pelagic Wake Global is different. Conservation diving, Conservation Volunteer projects, our courses, our way of life – the Pelagic Lifestyle is for everyone.


As a volunteer I have seen various walks of life join a project as divers and non – divers. We are open to the fifty -something urban citizen who wants a holiday with a difference, I have seen CEO’s join trips to learn more and get a away from their routine, forty - something divorcees trying their hand at something new as they are about to change their lives.


Highschool graduates wanting a taste of a career that was never an option before. Families wanting a holiday with a difference. We are attracting individuals who have a common thread not a specific target group. We want young and old, gender open, non – classist individuals ready to embark on a journey, even just through a media connection.

Citizens who are in need to change their lives and show them that it is not hard to turn around and join the movement. Passionate, courageous, adventurous and hungry for change and something new whilst making a difference. That is our demographic.

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