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Operational & Strategic Planning

A Global Vision



To conduct effective research and provide classes certain software and programming, technology to provide our guests and staff with a consistent and effective educational experience.

We are also in need of these technologies to be able to conduct honest research and provide our own MDC with correct information.

Equipment needed
Various tools and equipment for underwater use and research have been listed for what we would need to be able to function independently and effectively.

This includes software for in- house research, married to the project. Software to conduct mass data surveying any anomalies or weak service entry points. Each individual project will have their own Strengths and Weaknesses, but I am a firm believer that your project in entirety is only as strong as your weakest member. Therefor team inspiration, leadership, satisfaction and strong goals need to be taken care of with great respect. Team members need to feel challenged, rewarded and valued. Quality – and standards will be given as guidelines, they have been written and formulated with the mission in mind at all times.

PWG Logo_Final_Blk_sm.png

Currently Pelagic Wake Global has a collaboration waiting to join in Philippines, Bohol Island with a dive center who has shown immense interest in adding and endorsing a small conservation project. Collaborations are beneficial for both parties but has strengths and weaknesses that consistently have to be re – evaluated to make sure ethics and standards are being bridged and executed.

The coral nursery currently panning to be installed outside their dive center on the house reef was carefully implemented with data, training and environmental considerations evaluated. The founder has spent the last nine months building relations with the local government establishing their support and assistance.
The founder independently has also been consulting on the local governments coral nurseries and been networking with English driven dive centers as well, to ensure the Russian and English market are both secured on this dive tourism booming island. Due to Covid – 19 and travel restrictions; the strategy has been carefully thought out and started on a smallscale with the aim to implement, research and observe before growing PWG presence on the island.


One local boatman / fisherman has been taken under the wing of the founder and is currently undergoing
academic training, waiting for financial endorsement to continue the growth of his education and assuring a full - time position.

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