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Products & Services

A Global Vision

“We make big ideas happen, join the movement”

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Pelagic Wake champions the need to bridge class leading diving practices with leading marine conservation science, projects and goals. Our approach commits to developing skilled, excellent and marine science - educated local and foreign conservationists and restoration divers. We aim to qualify divers who are able to lead by example, carry out exemplary practices and exhibit marine academic proficiency into a better more marine conscious future.

Each of our accredited courses have a local inspired component course, written for local
citizens and divers, translated into their language and created with their specific environment in mind. For each course purchased, another gets donated to a local community member. Our courses are created with the future of an individual
and the future of the ocean’s biodiversity as main objective. Each course consists of academics, exams, practical, academic application, dives, laboratory time and in -field experience. SCUBA and Conservation Academics are facilitated and instructed by professional quality assessed facilitators and professional conservation field
directors, managers and technicians to ensure safety, quality and excellence.

Due to Covid -19 , all courses are being madeavailable online. All academic certifications are kept on record and candidates can continue their practical at a PWG FHP when traveling becomespossible. Facilitators are available for assistance and to answer any questions online. The student’s education includes video classes, underwater videos, academics and live online classes.

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Technician Development Course. This is a five month in house, in field FTDC, to which individuals can apply and enrol. In this course the individual will undergo the necessary training and quality evaluation from the founder to enable them to become a permanent field technician and project manager at a PWG FHP in any location the individual chooses to work at. The qualified Facilitator and Technician will be qualified to teach, manage and qualify restoration and conservation divers and non – divers.

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All profits flow into our organisation enabling us to employ locals and sponsor local rangers in their education and practice. For each online course purchased three hours of practical training is dedicated to a sponsored ranger, who will officially become our shore soldiers, our reef rangers and will be qualified to seek employment with us or any other organisation they choose. Community courses and workshops are designed for adults and under 18’s respectively. With funding we are able to do more workshops and provide marine awareness – inspired swimming and snorkeling lessons to all ages within the community. We wanted to open the world of the reef to the community and their children. Our workshops are focused on marine life education, debris, overfishing, seashore ethics and reef restoration. We also provide the community with a platform where we can develop workshops specific to their requests and environmental concerns. Workshops are being designed specifically for teachers and adults who wish to learn how to incorporate engaging and inspiring educational tools for the youth they are mentoring.

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Our volunteer projects are from 7 – 60 day bookings. The programs include working in the field, training in academics, diving training and certifications, on hand conservation project training , accommodation, meals and community workshops. This experience is usually located in wild, isolated destinations giving the volunteer a real feel for conservation living and lifestyle. The cost of these volunteer programs are what usually sustain the science and community branches of an operation. To be able to provide a well -balanced program to our volunteers the FHP would need to ensure quality field experience, professional courses, safe but wild accommodation and healthy vegan meals.

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Our FHP’s and liveaboards are open to interns from international universities. The interns propose what they would need from us to complete their one to three month internship and what their research and thesis will focus on. The internships are usually more expensive than volunteer programs, However at PWG we want to make these internships accessible to many socio - economic demographics. To keep their intake costs as low as volunteers’ we ask that they include us in their thesis, their social media, and “give back” to our volunteers and our community during their stay.



Disaster Relief info to come!

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We are designing apparel specifically for the adventuring, exploring, modern conservationist and diver.


Outdoor Apparel made from recycled products and mills sourced ethically. Apparel can also be bought and sponsored to local fishermen, to a school, local community and of course for personal use.


Our Apparel will serve as one of our largest marketing tools.

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One of our most passionate goals are to provide communities not only with “stop plastic” education and our educational beach bins but to provide them with an operating recycling centre. This is inspired and will be based on Precious Plastics’ business initiative.


After the waste have been recycled the raw materials will be exported at cost to countries in demand and buying. In time we would want to put a value to waste, there are multiple international examples where individuals can bring waste, weigh it and get paid.


With the hope that eventually we, ourselves can use our raw materials to build classrooms, design our own apparel with our own waste and of course, the possibility of more local job creation is something that we are incredibly passionate about.

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